“The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.”

Kahlil Gibran (1883-1931), The Prophet, 1923

About Gold Cow

We are both experienced, full-time designers. Nessie is the creative director at Robinson Pelham, a jeweller in Chelsea in central London. Alex is owner/director at Alex Chilton Design in west London, a design agency for the hospitality and luxury sectors. It was whilst working together on a brochure for Robinson Pelham that we developed the ideas and techniques for kaleidoscopes, experimenting on larger and larger pieces. We love cows, and all these early works had at least one in them. Coupled with the idea to authenticate our artworks somehow, Gold Cow was born.

Alex on Nessie

“Our kaleidoscopes are like great big jewels in so many ways, and Nessie is able to bring her expertise of jewellery design to bear. Attention to detail is everything – only the very best raw materials and workmanship go into the image and its production. The structure and repetition of the artworks are very jewel-like, and Nessie has a brilliant eye for composition, she will iron out the smallest imperfections until the whole is a deeply satisfying, complex and intriguing image.”

Nessie on Alex

Having worked together on so many projects in the past I know I can really trust Alex’s incredible graphics skills. The ease with which he designs logos and branding for instance is a joy to watch. Technically speaking, he knows his stuff too- there isn’t a corner of design software he can’t navigate. He is a connoisseur – always complaining if something hasn’t been designed to his exacting standards! These large pieces combine technical knowhow, an artists’ eye, and patience in abundance, luckily he has all three.


To enquire about Gold Cow kaleidoscopic artworks and mandalas please contact:

Nessie Chilton

07956 961 006

Alex Chilton

07956 171 667

or email moo@goldcow.uk